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Why Your Client List Isnt Growing

Are you tired of dumping hundreds of dollars monthly into the Facebook ads budget? Have you hired a marketer for your beauty business who sends you hundreds of COLD leads who ask the same 50 questions: How much? What is this? Where are you located?... and then DOESNT book? Ready for some REAL change ?


You don't need a marketer. You need a repeatable sales process. Something you know you can do over and over again that gives you quality leads and allows you to convert those leads into paying customers! You can't expect clients to just flock to you over and over and over again. You have to go where the clients are and introduce yourself. Gain trust. Prove your value. Then you can ask them to purchase from you. These are now WARM leads. They like you, know you, and trust you.

Essentially, what you need are the 4 following steps:
1. Create valuable content. 
      yes, this means that you actually need to sit down and think about what it is you have to contribute to potential clients and customers. Knowledge? Education? Skills? Decide what that thing is and make a variety of it: infographics, posts, photos, videos, lives, reels, tiktoks, newsletters, blogs, YouTube videos, etc.

2. Identify the leads
     People will interact with this content. They are considered leads! Its your job to know who they are. Be able to identify the difference between a casual like and an interested lead, or else you'll wind up on endless cold calls.

3. Conversion
    Okay - its time to convert those leads. This IS considered SALES. I hear you, "Im not in sales... Im a beauty professional". No doll - you want to make sales in your beauty business? You have to focus on SALES. It won't be awful. Just follow up with your leads and be approachable. Create friendship and rapport before making an ask and you'll be fine. Also, remember sales is a numbers game, not a reflection of your personal worth. The more leads you approach, the more likely you are to make a sale. NO isnt a scary word. Its just our cue to move to the next lead <3

4. Fulfillment.
     Alright we're all done! Provide the product or service that you've sold your client and start all over! The more consistent you are with this system, the more you can depend on full books and more and more clients on the books!

Happy hunting! 

Want more guidance like this? I am actually a beauty business mentor! I can help you not only through creating your repeatable sales funnel, but also with strategizing the growth of your business! Want to hire? Aren't sure if youre ready to hire? Need admin support? Want to create an online course? An online empire? Want to create and sell online products? Maybe you're interested in creating your own training academy or purchasing commercial property but aren't sure how to get there.... I can help! Book a FREE strategy call here : LEARN MORE


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