VictoriaGlam and The Microblading Institute can help you get there. We help make the process easy and adaptable to your schedule and goals! Our philosophy at The Microblading Institute is that any artist who wants to pursue a career in cosmetic tattoo should be able to do so with the foundational building blocks necessary to be successful. These basics are the core structure of building a successful career and are important, not just for the artist, but also for clientele.

Learning the science behind color theory to prevent brows from healing too cooly and turning grey-blue over time, protecting the integrity of the skin with the correct aftercare methods, and understanding the importance of sanitary practices are some of the most overlooked crucial components of microblading.

Students come to the Microblading Institute to continue their education or to because they are ready to start their permanent makeup journey. The Microblading Institute has program options for every level of education!

We have in-person, hybrid, one-focus and comprehensive options -- as well as long term study options such as apprenticeship. Additionally, we create the opportunity for advanced trainings with 1:1 custom trainings and advanced techniques in small group trainings.

For those just getting your feet wet:

Choose one area of study to set your future career in motion

- Brows
- Liner
- Lips.

You have one month to complete the online course and corresponding certificates for DHH. Take it slow, focus and make sure you have it mastered! You will also have hands on supervised experience with 2 models.
You got this!

For the newbie who wants it all:

Build your beauty portfolio with three areas of study in accordance with the AAM Platinum Curriculum
- Brows
- Liner
- Lips
and a 100 hour fundamentals  certificate, the magic number for beauty insurance companies!

Can’t take that much time off work? NO SWEAT! You have one month to complete the online course work and corresponding certificates for DHH on your own time whenever and wherever you want. You will also have in-person workdays to show your skills on models for each area of study!

For beauty bosses already licensed and working:

Customize a 1:1 one-day training to fine tune your amazing talents.
Choose two to three areas of study –
Two-minute mapping
45-minute brows
Pixel brows
Advanced microblading techniques
Nano brows
...and more! 

This option is completely customizable to help you up level your skillset!

Join a community of beauty bosses who want you to succeed.

For those who still have questions after their completed course, those looking for long-term commitment, or for those who would like a community they can always turn to while going out on your own, we created an online mentorship program where we continue the support after their first course ends. With our online program, students pass tests, submit work and are able to hone their skills without taking time off work!

We hold monthly group zoom PMU Clinics, access to all our courses, AND MORE! No other program does this! We create a relationship with each of our students so that you NEVER feel alone.

In 2022, we’re offering 30 day apprenticeships! We will only take 11 for the year, making for very competitive spots. They will be awarded first come, first serve.  (We do not provide apprenticeship in July). This option can be added on to a hybrid, 100 hr course, or as a 1:1 training for those already holding a license.

For those adding on to fundamentals courses: When it’s time for your supervised hands on experience with models, you'll actually spend a full day weekly at the studio! Hang out & watch procedures on Tuesdays with everyone as an apprentice and take your models that day as well. This affords you the opportunity to learn HOW the business runs, watch as many procedures as possible, and the chance for 4 hands-on models. 

By the way -- in 2022 we've also partnered with Klarna so you can buy now pay later! No need to wait around on your dreams. Lets start building that business now 💖