This full amount will be refunded to you when you CHECK IN with your 2 gifts (min.) for Toys for Tots

Christmas Conference Seat


What you'll get:

  • Full Day of Education

  •  Networking

  • Lunch & Dinner provided by The Cajun Table

  •  Artists Goodie Bag 

  • 6 Live Speakers
  •  6 Live Demos 

  •  Business & Marketing Speakers

  •  20% off BrowSister Products

  •  Awards gala to follow with dinner and dancing

You will receive a full receive upon checkin when you arrive with a minimum of 2 donations for Toys for Tots. If you NO SHOW, you will not be eligible for a refund. This is a registration fee to reserve a seat. If you reserve a seat and do not show, you cost someone else the opportunity.