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Are you spending 45 minutes of your appointment time just mapping your client? I know... It's tough sometimes. One eyebrow higher, one slightly lower... Sit them up? Lay them down? Numb first? It wears off!  Numb after? Then, I'll lose my mapping?! MAKE IT STOP!

I cannot tell you how many years I spent wondering why my brow mapping was so inconsistent! I really did my best to tailor brow shapes to fit the individual client, but somehow it was still hit or miss. I took many trainings, I watched YouTube videos, I bought all of the things... I tried it all!

Then, I stumbled upon this method, simplified it, and now I love every single brow map I draw!

I'm 45 minutes from hello to goodbye with my clients.
Mapping is about 2-5 minutes of that time!

All of the girls in my studio use this brow mapping method!
I teach this to everyone in my fundamentals and 1:1 advanced classes at The Microblading Institute.
and now... I am passing it on to you!

This course gives you access to a replay of a LIVE mini lesson where I'll breakdown my grid formula. Included is a demo where I actually map a client in front of you!

I cannot WAIT to share this with you and simplify your life!


What you'll get:

  • Mini Lesson on Brow Mapping Theory
  • LIVE DEMO on a model
  • Q&A between myself and Attendees

What People Are Saying:

I have taken EIGHT mapping classes. So listen, I just did it, and I'm sorry but it was a WASTE OF MY TIME, those other mapping classes! This method? STOP IT RIGHT NOW! Like, you have no idea! This method is going to save me so much time!


Amazing and not complicated AT ALL! Most coaches make it look SO COMPLICATED!


OMG YESSSSS! Just thinking about the mapping is so overwhelming and I spend so much time to get the shape just right πŸ‘ŒπŸ»This really helps THANK YOU πŸ˜»πŸ’•

Moni Z