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The Sister Report

The Sister Report

Hosted by: VictoriaGlam

Victoria Glam, LashesXSK, and others from The Microblading Institute get together weekly (ish) and discuss beauty news and celebrity gossip

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Episode 1 - Meet My Sister

Episode #101

Discussing creating the podcast, meet Sarah, how I lost a client today, and more...
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Episode 2 - Gangs All Here

Episode #102

Meet Hannah and Tori! We discuss Free Tan Friday, Andryw Bachelor Party, the WORST lashes Sarah ever did, the first female presidency, Black Friday business advise, and more!!
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Bonus Episode - Naming Our Podcast

Episode #103

Just a little bonus clip of Victoria and SK trying to name the podcast
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Episode 4 - Khloe and the PerpWalk

Episode #104

Sarahs 15 min trek past police head quarters at 6am and Khloe Kardashians new step son
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Episode 5 Setting The Tone - Who We Are

Episode #105

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Episode 6: Just a Silly Goofy Mood pt 1

Episode #106

Just a silly goofy mood!
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Episode #107

Ali Lilly of @LashAnarchist joins us today to discuss lessons learned working with family, mentorships, Kim K being the GOAT, why she doesn't want a team, and more!
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SHOP TALK - The Boring One

Episode #108

Listen - first day back at work? We're tired. This episode is honestly kinda boring. We discuss my terrible first date, how Sarah invented the dance team, play Would You Rather, and I tell a disgusting stripper story.
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109 LIVE with Codi Jo Jackson

Episode #109

This is a bonus episode, not our usual content. Instead, this audio is from an IG LIVE with Codi Jo Jackson and Victoria regarding life as a business owner, educator, and content creator.
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The Buddies

Episode #110

Chatting with Amber Budd about hiring, management, and pop culture --- PLUS, A Dating SK story straight from the strip club!
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Dating Sarah Podcast w Codi jo Jackson

Episode #111

Sarah gives us STORY TIME
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All In with April Meese

Episode #112

chatting with my friend April Meese about how she inspired me years ago, the power of video in business, and our virtual assistants
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