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Microblading and PMU Services in Lafayette have evolved to the latest technology: NANOBLADING. This is a technique where hair strokes are tattooed into the brow mimicking the look of more dense hair. Unlike regular microbadling, this service is done using the machine and is suitable for most skin types.



Lip Blushing:
Lip Blush in Lafayette has become tremendously popular! This service can make lips look fuller and more robust, in addition to helping to blend in scars in the lip or to color the receding lip line, which typically fades over time. Lip Blushing can also be used to neutralize darker lips or patches within the lip.


Victoria (left)

Victoria Racca is an international speaker in the PMU industry. She's an influencer and educator on all things permanent makeup. Her dedication to her artistry speaks for itself through her hundreds of Permanent Makeup clients and award-winning services over her career. She has spent years of her career learning the latest techniques to uncover the why and how behind every decision an artist can make to release what is now globally recognized techniques and theory for the modern application of  PMU and provide her clients with service unlike any other. As a result, Victoria has created an amazing line of PMU Must-Haves to sell out internationally! She's sought after as both an educator and speaker for the industry.  

Taylor (Right)
Taylor is a piercer, body artist, and PMU educator! She teaches all of the monthly intro to PMU classes and wrote her own curriculum to teach piercing to aspiring artists. Taylor is methodical and patience. Her work is truly ART. Come and check her out MBI.

Find a Portfolio of our work on Instagram @Victoria.Glam or @TheMicrobladingInstitute

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