Hey Sister!

When I began my career in permanent makeup (PMU), good training, like REALLY good fundamentals training was a treasure hunt. No one would help either! There was no community, but rather a ton of gatekeepers in the industry. Full of resentment and fear of being replaced, many veteran PMU artists were critical and cold to microblading artists, writing it off as a fad soon to fade out. Newer microblading artists were hungry and nervous regarding their new investments and guarded their trainers and suppliers as a national secret, lol. There was even a ton of misinformation purposefully being thrown out by these artists such as : you need to be a licensed esthi or cosmetologist to become a microblader. THIS IS FALSE! A complete lie. Anyone holding a proper tattoo license knows this is a lie because they've been through the process. All you need is a tattoo license. 

Truthfully, this made it harder for me to get my foot in the door or find my way, but I did it anyway. I did it by connecting with like-minded artists who wanted to help build a COMMUNITY of women supporting women. After 5 years in the industry, I opened my trade school under the Board of Regents and became the Founder and CEO of The Microblading Institute, a pink oasis among a dull greyscale industry. 

MBI is a place for FUN, for LEARNING, for collaborations and women supporting women. If you want to get into the PMU world, or expand your skillset, you never have to do it alone.

You can sit with me! 



In 2024, we’re offering apprenticeships! We only accept a handful of apprentices annually, making for very competitive spots. In past years, these have been awarded first come, first serve.
 In 2024, proficiency of skill will be considered, also. This option can be added during enrollment of courses or dedicated for those already holding a license.

For those adding on to fundamentals courses: When it’s time for your supervised hands on experience with models, you'll actually spend a full day weekly at the studio! Hang out & watch procedures on Tuesdays with everyone as an apprentice and take your models that day as well. This affords you the opportunity to learn HOW the business runs, watch as many procedures as possible, and the chance for 4 hands-on models. 

By the way --
in 2023 we've also partnered with payment plans so you can buy now & pay  over time!
No need to wait around on your dreams. Lets start building that business now