Your PMU and Beauty Business Besties


Looking for all the best beauty side hustles? 

Perhaps you are really artistic and have a real interest in helping make people more beautiful. Or maybe you are already working in the beauty industry and want to make a little extra on the side.

Either way, I am here to help you with the best beauty side hustle that suits your skills and interests! 

Do you spend time crawling through Instagram and Tik Tok for the next big thing in beauty trends? Why not turn your hobby into a beauty side hustle? In this article, I will cover 11 of the most profitable and not profitable beauty side hustles. 

Beauty "Side Hustles" (or additional specialities) You Can Start Right Now

  1. Laser Hair Removal (requires medical partner)
  2. Botox (requires medical partner)
  3. Lip Filler (requires medical partner)
  4. Hair Tinsel
  5. Special Events Makeup
  6. Nails
  7. Tanning
  8. Bead Extensions
  9. Glue in Extensions
  10. Hand Tied Extensions
  11. Microblading
  12. Permanent Eyeliner
  13. Lip Blushing
  14. Reiki
  15. Cupping
  16. Acupuncture
  17. Eyebrow Design (shaping)
  18. Eyebrow fill (henna)
  19. Eyebrow fill (makeup)
  20. Dermal Filler (requires medical partner)
  21. Waxing
  22. Spray Tanning
  23. Parrafin Wax
  24. Sugaring
  25. Foot peels
  26. Threading
  27. Up-dos
  28. Product Sales
  29. Upselling services
  30. Jellymasks
  31. Lash Lift + Tint
  32. Brow Tint
  33. Dermaplaning
  34. Brow Lamination
  35. Lash Extensions 
  36. Self Tanner product sales
  37. Sell products online 
  38. Product consultation calls
  39. Product delivery services
  40. Tooth Gems
  41. Faux Tattoos
  42. Tiny Tattoos
  43. Piercings
  44. Makeup lessons
  45. Brow Shaping courses
  46. Rent out booths at your salon
  47. Hire contractors and advertise them to your clientele for a % of sales
  48. Beauty Marketing Services to other professionals
  49. Become a Brand Ambassador for a company you love 

Our Favorite?
Our absolute FAVORITE side hustle, add on, upsell?????


, thats correct. Teeth whitening is an in demand service that you can sell in packages or as a one-off or an upsell. It gives immediate gratification, and you can sell products to support it. PLUS - it only takes about 5 mins or so of your attention and focus. Set your client up, turn on the machine, and for the next 30 mins you can attend to other clients and services or even dare you try it - have lunch! Earn money while you earn money (or take a break).

Its by far my favorite service and in many states requires NO license. 

Grab more info here


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