What is Lip Blush?

 The Microblading Institute in Lafayette, LA stands out as an industry leader, particularly in the technique of lip blush. Renowned for its exceptional training programs, this institute has garnered recognition for producing skilled professionals across the country who excel in the art of lip blushing. What sets The Microblading Institute apart is not just its commitment to education but also its provision of cutting-edge services, including lip blush, right in Lafayette, LA.

Get The Luscious Color You Dream Of - Just Gloss & Go

 Lip Blush Tattoo has quickly become one of the most popular permanent makeup services in Lafayette Victoria and Taylor are proud to best industry leaders in the service and provide our clients with the lips of their dreams!


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Lip blushing, a specialized cosmetic procedure, involves infusing semi-permanent pigment into the lips' surface layers to enhance natural color and shape. The Microblading Institute's expertise extends to this technique, offering clients in Lafayette and beyond the opportunity to achieve beautifully defined and naturally tinted lips.

What lip blushing at The Microblading Institute DOES do:

  1. Expert Application: Skilled professionals meticulously apply pigment, ensuring a nuanced and natural blush-like tint.
  2. Enhanced Definition: Lip blushing can define the lip contour, adding subtle definition and symmetry.
  3. Permanent Results: Clients enjoy long term results, reducing the need for constant lipstick application.
  4. Training Excellence: As an industry leader, The Microblading Institute's lip blush services reflect the high standards set by their training programs.


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