So you've had hands-on training but are wanting MORE

I've seen it before. You took a 2 or 3 day training and still have questions. You use Facebook groups as your go-to place to ask questions and consistently get conflicting advice. When you ask other techs why they do things a certain way, the ultimate answer is: because thats what my master told me to do.

When a client asks you a specific or pointed question, you don't have the answer, and even worse, you aren't sure where to GET the answer! 

We've got you!

Joining our mentorship program will give you all of the tools and guidance you need to feel comfortable and confident taking on clients whether its your first time solo or millionth times being filled with nerves. We're here to guide you on your customized curriculum and provide clarity on all of your lingering questions! We can help you understanding color theory, why something healed as it did, how to color shift older work, understand your needle groupings and so so much more!

With The Microblading Institute, you're never solo.



30 or 90 Days Access to your own dedicated PMU coach!

Imagine where you can be just 30 days from now if you had unlimited access to courses teaching you technique and someone to answer your questions on demand!

Our coaches are available to you throughout your time in our program, guiding you through our course vault, helping with technique and demonstrations! Our mission is to make you a better PMU artist and guide you through your questions from consultation to aftercare --- we're here to explain and help with what you need!