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Uncategorized Jan 12, 2022

Education is a life long pursuit - but is it time to add to your skillset? Maybe you took your initial microblading or permanent makeup course, but still have questions. 

Lets be honest, theres not a whole lot more embarrassing then being trained, open for business, sitting with a client, and she asks you a question you straight-out do not know the answer to!

Is there tetracaine in your secondary numbing?
can't I sweat doing healing?
Why did my iron-oxide pigment fade so quickly?
My friend retained so much more than I did.

There are PLENTY of answers out there and it can be difficult to pinpoint which ones are the correct answer for each individual case. I'm a firm believer that no ONE educator can teach you EVERYTHING. You likely didn't have AWFUL training to begin with. You like are just ready to expand your skillset or fundamental knowledge.

Learned microblading, but only one pattern?
Ready to add machine?
Looking for a comprehensive course for lip blush?
Confused by color theory?
Maybe you just need to gets clients in and out faster?

Ive compiled a list of topics just like these where you can learn LOTS, for absolutely FREE!


The Microblading Institute doesn't just teach fundamental education. We are the souths MOST comprehensive permanent  cosmetic educators because we offer fundamental, 100 hour, advanced group courses, 1:1, monthly apprenticeships, and specific focuses such as:
-Removal/ lightening 
-45 minute brows
-2 min brow mapping
-Machines class
-Needle theory
-Advanced color theory
-Lip blush
-Nanostroke brows
-Pixel brow soft shading
-Business mentorship
-and more!

With locations in Louisiana, Texas, Florida, and counting, we're ready to help you out and flexible enough to make it happen as quickly as youre ready!



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