Your PMU and Beauty Business Besties


Hey! Okay - so you're looking to add some additional services to generate more revenue this year?! I've got you, sister!

First -- let me just say, if you're a new beauty business, start with my FREE beauty business guide!

Next - If you're already generating income in your beauty business, lets see how much of it you're actually keeping. Lets find more ways to keep the cash you're already earning. This one isnt free, but its so cheap. Literally like $20 or so. You'll take a deep look at your current streams of revenue and where the cash flow is going. We'll also look at common deductions and strategies to pay out less. Let your money work for you! Not you work more for your money!

Now that we've covered the basics: lets talk side hustles and add-ons! First, you have to know this is SALES. You have to get skilled at sales. Read up on it. Create your repeatable sales process to market yourself, more on that here. You'll need to decide what fits in with your current business and your ideal client. In the beauty business there are SO MANY side hustles available to you! 

My business has incorporated ALOT of them
-Lash Lift & Tint
-Lash Extensions 
-Spray tanning 
-Tooth Gems
-Body Scultping
-Fat Cavitation
-Teeth Whitening 

Then to compound that extra income, you'll need to the art of the UPSELL! Corresponding products to sell with each service are a fabulous way to generate more income without doing MORE work -- and serve your clients even better! 

Selling lash lifts? Pair with a lash growth serum!
Selling Extensions? You need a lash bath!
Spray tanning? Tan extender! Exfoliater!
Tooth gems? Get a variety of gems to upgrade and keep them coming back for the latest designs!
- Body  sculpting? Fat cavitation? Vitamin packsssss!
- Teeth whitening? At-home whitening pens or lights to keep those smiles bright as ever!

Honestly, teeth whitening has been our favorite side hustle for a while! It requires almost NOTHING of us. You spend 5 mins or so explaining the process and getting your client into the chair, then they pop the tray in and you turn on the light! Now you can actually double book yourself by having multiple teeth whitening clients in different stations at once, or go off to numb and brow map your microblading client, or do a 1-2 week fill on your lashing client... a spray tan. Even just eat your lunch! In 30 minutes, your client is happy and on the way out the door and you have an extra $200 --- or more, if they buy products! (If this sounds great, here more info)

For more great ideas like these, tune into our podcast and hear all about our business and other businesses like it every Tuesday! 


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