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What to Know Before You Choose a Trainer


I recently spoke with my colleagues at the American Academy of Micropigmentation on their podcast PMU School to discuss what I would look for in or ask a potential Permanent Makeup Educator before forking over the thousands required for a class!

Too often, I hear students wanting ADDITIONAL fundamentals education after having already spent $3-5,000 on their FIRST training where they feel "ripped off" or as though they were less than proficiently educated. 

Unfortunately, theres nothing I can do to get your money back from the other trainer. All I can do is give you the questions to ask to ensure you're investing in a quality educational program - even if thats not with The Microblading Institute.

To hear the full podcast episode click here!

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So you created a set of brows and they looked GORGEOUS! You were so happy. The client was SO happy! You took the photo, created the before and after, and proudly slapped your logo on it! She swore to tell everyone how much she loves her brows and refer them all to you.
8 weeks later she returns for a touchup and.... they're grey! They're blue. They look COLD, theres no warmth left in the brow at all. 

For this reason, I created a 3 part IG tv series explaining some of the most common factors at play IG series 

For even more support, consider 1:1 advanced training or customized mentorship with The Microblading Institute <3 

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